Evans Wedding // 6.18.16

This was my first time ever shooting a wedding at Thornhill Tree Farms and, boy, was it beautiful! Between all of the gorgeous floral arrangements and Corey and Lauren's sweet love, it was absolutely perfect. I asked Lauren to tell me about their adventure finding each other and she wrote me a beautiful story. I decided to share it exactly in her words. Enjoy!

“We swiped right! Thanks Tinder! I know those of you who are reading this are thinking you are in for one of those stories where two people fell in love on a dating app, and it will probably be over in a few weeks. You are asking yourself, “How could that ever work?” Am I right? Well let me tell you, it worked because God had a plan that was greater than our own. It is working because He is living in our hearts and guiding our steps as we begin this new journey. We are Corey and Lauren Evans.

For two and a half years prior to our meeting, neither Corey nor I dated anyone. Corey thought he was destined to be a bachelor for the rest of his life because there are more females in the world than males, and I had planned on being a cat lady. I never thought I would find a man that was as good as my Daddy, my Pawpaw, or Papaw. I had came to the conclusion that they just didn’t make good men anymore.

Around the same time, Corey had began to talk to his parents about being single, and his dad told him, “If you want a wife, pray for the Lord to send you one.” My parents had told me just the same, “Lauren, pray for the man God has for you.” Little did we know during those “waiting” years, we were praying for each other.

After friends had suggested trying this new dating app, we finally gave in. On December 17, 2014, Corey messaged me for the first time on Tinder. I could tell as we were talking that he was different. Jesus and our families soon became topics of discussion. He asked me to meet him at Big Spring Park in Hunstville, Alabama, on December 22, 2014. I had never done anything that crazy in my life, but something was telling me I had to go. As he stepped out of his car that day, it was as if God whispered the words to me, “this is your husband.”

Exactly one year later on that same Tinsel Trail at Big Spring Park, Corey asked me to be his wife. With Christmas trees all around, lights twinkling, and Christmas music in the background, I thanked the Lord for my favorite Christmas present He so graciously gave to me one year earlier. Tinder and our relationship has taught me several things, but one really sticks out – Nothing, even finding your best friend through a dating app, is impossible when God is in it. He can take the things that people perceive as out of the ordinary and use them for His good. That is what marriage is all about, glorifying Christ in all we do together.”

Congratulations to Corey + Lauren Evans!

Second Photographer: Tonya Gentry | Wedding Venue: Thornhill Tree Farms | Flowers + Decoration: Fyffe Flowers, Gifts, + Catering, Carolyn Hale | Caterer: Outback BBQ + Catering, BIG L BBQ

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