Billy + Mary Katherine // Engagement Session

Ok, so I took pictures of these two absolutely gorgeous people last Friday. I couldn't be more happy with how their engagement session turned out. Since then, I learned a few things about them: how they met, how easy it is to get "Billy-ed", and how they became engaged. Turns out, they're even more perfect than I originally had guessed.

Mary Katherine first met Billy when he was working at Fist Avenue Rocks, a local climbing gym in Birmingham, Alabama. Her friend took her there to try it for the first time and Billy could tell that they had no idea what they were doing, so he came over to chat with them. Mary Katherine mentioned to me that she was interested because she thought he was really cute until he dropped that he was twenty-one. She was twenty-four at that time and wasn't really interested in dating a younger guy. While they were still talking at the gym, Mary Katherine brought up that they were going to see a band that night. Even though she wasn't interested, he ended up dragging his friends out with him that night to try to see her again. Turns out, Mary Katherine ended up not going after all.

Some time went by and Billy ended up running into Mary Katherine's friend again. She told him to come to a yoga class at a place that they worked at so that he could see her again. He went to the class and bumped into Mary Katherine several times after that. He began to intrigue her with his determination to date her and she finally gave in since he was pretty adorable anyway. After spending some time with him, she quickly realized he was more mature than any guy she had met her own age and had an adventurous side that fed into her own passion and love of the outdoors. They've been together since then for about two years now.

In case you were ready to learn what being "Billy-ed" means, I will just fill you in on another story Mary Katherine told me. She and Billy took a trip to the beach to visit her brother and his family who live in Destin, Florida. Of course, Billy being the big fitness outdoorsy guy, decided that they should take the kayaks out on the ocean. They took two cars; he dropped his off in a public parking spot where they would end their trip, and she drove the kayaks down the road to where they would start. Mary Katherine commented that it seemed pretty far, but Billy reassured her that it was a shorter route on the water. All they had with them was a gallon zip lock bag of watermelon to snack on for the "quick two mile" paddle session. Well... two miles turned into five miles that took over FOUR hours. Mary Katherine said that they were exhausted, sore, hungry, and sunburned at the time, but now they look back and laugh because that's just another time she got "billy'ed". Billy is known for taking things to the extreme anywhere he goes. If you go climbing with him, his buddies always know that they'll be out until they can no longer see the holds to climb because it's dark!

Billy kept Mary Katherine's engagement ring for three months waiting for the "right moment". In May of 2015, they found out that Billy was accepted into PT school. They knew his free time would be limited and school was starting just the following month, so they decided to take a quick mini vacation that next month to celebrate. Billy planned a three day surf trip to Puerto Rico. On the second day before dinner, he drove them to a town called Esquel that had a really pretty look-off with a light house where they watched the sun set. Mary Katherine turned around once the sun had set and he was on one knee. Billy said his speech, shaking, while holding up the ring, so nervous, and he was shocked when she responded with something other than a "yes" or "no". She wanted a promise before she answered. "Will you promise me to never free solo again?" (Free soloing is when people climb long and tall climbing routes with no ropes AKA no protection AKA if you fall, that's it. Crazy. I know.) Mary Katherine couldn't lose her other half to such an avoidable thing.  He promised and, of course, she said yes.