Ethan + Payton // Engagement Session

I was so excited when Payton came to me to schedule the Lewis wedding for October. It's going to be so wonderful! Payton is such a sweet person and so fun to hang out with. Her and Ethan are absolutely precious together.

Payton and Ethan have known each other for a very long time. They have went to the same church together their whole lives, but never really spent a lot of time together until two years ago. They've been together ever since and Ethan decided to unexpectedly propose to Payton the day of her graduation at Auburn University. They are absolutely perfect for one another.

We did their shoot in the land around Ethan's home. It had been warm all week up until the day we were scheduled to shoot and it decided to sleet (yes, you read that right. SLEET.) on us at the very end of the session, the first day of spring. So kudos to them for riding it out with me. It turned out to be a great session and I cannot wait for the Lewis wedding on October 15th, 2016!!