Logan, Mikalah, + Caroline // Lifestyle Session

I've known Mikalah for a few years now. I will never forget the first words she said to me and that was, "Hey, you're the one that has the really cute kid with blonde hair, right? That Kayla Cobb took pictures of? Benson?" Yep, that's me. The mom with the really adorable (and apparently popular) son. No big deal.

We worked together for a while as servers at Santa Fe Cattle Co. Those were some days! So much has changed since then. We have both grown so much as people and now Mikalah has a beautiful family! Her and Logan created a beautiful little being named Caroline and I just can't get over how pretty such a tiny little human can be. I kept calling her "pretty little doll baby." I'm sure Mikalah heard me say this like fifteen times during their session.

Here are just some of the shots we got from the family session until somebody (not naming any names here) decided to take a hardcore nap. And let me just tell you... that person is just as cute asleep as they are awake! :)