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I've been wanting to do lifestyle shoots in some kitchens for so long and HELLO! I forget that I have the cutest little model around just a couple doors down inside my very own home: my beautiful son. He loves to help cook and clean up around the house, so this was lots of fun. However, it is a little difficult to be both the mother and the photographer in this situation. I did lots of "hold on, let me help" and "wait! Don't move. Let me wash my hands first," but the result was even more amazing than I thought it would be. It's never easy photographing your own children, but the result is so worth it! Now I get to have these stinking adorable smiles and candid sneaks of icing forever and ever.

My goal is to remember that my photography is not just my job, but something that I love to do. I am going to push myself to not only make more memories with the ones that I love, but to also capture all that I see beautiful in those moments.

Today was the perfect day to do this and spend time with Benson because today was a snow day! Yep, no school, and plenty of time to do all of this without being in a rush. It was totally meant to be.

I should probably invest in a rolling pin...

He's my favorite Valentine.

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