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With Valentine's so close, I've seen lots of perfectly cheesy posts on social media from girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, and husbands all over. It makes me want to tell everybody just how lucky I am. I'm sure 50% of you are rolling your eyes in the back of your head right now and I'm here to tell you that you should just turn back now if that's how you feel because it's about to be the cheesiest cheese post ever.

While this guy right here is not my number one Valentine (hello, no one takes the place of mommy's baby), he is absolutely a very close second. I should definitely spend more time telling him how much I appreciate and love him.

Reason's why Aaron T Thompson is the best boyfriend in the world?

  1. He never eats the food in the house that I buy for myself. (This really is so important.)
  2. He usually tells me when I'm in the wrong. I need that in him because I am no where near perfect. He makes me a better person.
  3. He gets on my nerves just enough for me to love him even more when he's being sweet.
  4. He almost always takes my advice on what to wear. Not that I always dress him, but if we are going somewhere nice, I help a little... (Seriously, if you see my boyfriend in band tees and basketball shorts 99% of the time, I promise that part was not me. Actually, just disregard number four as a whole if that's your only recollection of him.)
  5. He tells me I'm beautiful even when I feel much otherwise.
  6. He is ALWAYS honest with me and trusts me. This is a biggy and a huge reason why we are so good together.
  7. He's very open-minded. Ladies, always go for open-minded men. They're usually more understanding.
  8. He takes me out for Japanese at least twice a month. I mean... we really like sushi and hibachi. What of it?
  9. He holds my toes on the couch when they are cold.
  10. He tries to understand the way that I feel even if I'm being irrevocably irrational.
  11. He buys me Reece's Big Cups when I ask him to. Ok, I realize now that 3 of these reasons are already about food and I'm going to stop that now, but food is important. You gotta have that crap to live, guys...
  12. He's a tech junkie like me.
  13. He plays guitar. That one speaks for itself.
  14. We help each other out with money when one of us is poor. We never fight about money. Money is stupid. Never fight about money.
  15. He takes on chores when I am not feeling it.
  16. He introduces me to lots of good TV series and movies, e.g., Dexter, Lost, Fringe, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and several other good things that are now some of my favorites.
  17. He pretends like my cooking isn't terrible.
  18. He is the reason why I even have my photography business and this blog. I never would have ever had the courage to start it if it were not for him. He has boosted my self esteem so much since we have gotten together and continues to do so now.
  19. He is the best father (that he didn't have to be) to Benson than I ever thought achievable. Benson loves him so much. They spend time almost every day just wrestling each other in the living room. We're so thankful that he does things like be one of the 4 year old soccer team's coach without hesitating. Like... he's awesome. We are so lucky to have him.

Also, I asked Benson why he loved him while I was doing this and he said, "because he makes my heart pump," and who doesn't love that? :)

This is probably my favorite picture of Aaron. Totally candid and totally makes my heart want to burst because how perfect are these two?!

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