Asher Turns One // Birthday Event

So if you guys hadn't heard, my awesome boyfriend built me a new computer for Christmas. I had been dying to work on it, but because of the holidays, I was free (which was supposed to be a good thing!).  I was so ready to get back to photographing so that I could put my new equipment to work with some good editing time.

I was thrilled when Aubrey messaged me just a few days before Asher's birthday party to schedule me last minute for the event. I told her I was ecstatic because I was so ready to have my first bit of work for 2016! They had just had their pictures taken at my Holiday Mini Sessions the previous month and Asher was a blast to work with, so I knew it would be great. He is such a happy baby boy!

You could say Asher's first birthday was pretty special. If you didn't know he liked Mickey Mouse, well you do now...

Mac is the sweetest pup!

So apparently, when you play the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song, it's a rule that you have to dance at this household.

The cuteness is too much.

This was probably the most sour face I've ever seen from this kid and it's STILL way adorable.

And the Mickey Mouse wrapped presents started coming in...

Pretty sure this face means, "I see that cake and I'm ready to demolish it!"

There's always the confusion at first-year birthday parties that all the kids have and it's like, "But am I really allowed to dig in this all by myself?"

It doesn't last too long.    :)

Mac really enjoyed the scraps that hit the floor.

I'd say that Asher's first birthday was a success. He is a happy boy in a very sweet family.

Happy Birthday Asher!

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