Ali + Zach // Engagement Session

I've known Ali for about four years. We worked together at Santa Fe Cattle Co.  and if I know anything about her, it's that: 1.) She's freaking hilarious, 2.) She loves her dog. That dog is more spoiled than most children, and 3.) She loves her Zach. Like seriously, I cannot wait for her wedding because I know my face is going to be hurting when I leave from laughing so much with her and probably crying from witnessing all the love. That's basically how this engagement session went. They are the sweetest.

Ali and Zach first became friends in the 7th grade at Sylvania High School when they had their first period class together with Mrs. Carlyle. It wasn't long after they met that Zach asked Ali to be his girlfriend. After a couple months of dating, at about 13 years old, they decided it was weird and thought it would be a good idea to be "just friends" again. When they weren't together, they were constantly calling and texting each other through their entire friendship. Finally, on Ali's 14th birthday Zach told her that he had reconsidered and did want their relationship to be more. They have been boyfriend/girlfriend and best friends ever since.

Six years later, Ali took a trip to Orange Beach, Florida with Zach's family. Going on each other's family vacations was something they had done for a while, but this one was special because Zach had a surprise that he had been planning for months ahead of time. Zach's family knew about what he had decided to do, so the plan was to tell Ali that they were going on the beach to take family pictures.

On June 30th, 2015, while Ali was still getting ready, Zach's family went down early to set things up and to "pick a spot for pictures." When Ali and Zach got down to the spot, he turned to Ali and said, "You know we've been dating a really long time and I'm in love with you right?" Ali glanced over at him a little confused and then looked in front of her to see rose petals and tiki torches laid out. She said she can hardly remember what else he said because she was in shock! But next, he said, "Rachel Allison Stone, will you marry me?" and you bet that she said yes.

They are scheduled to be married June 3rd, 2016. We did a "high school sweetheart" engagement shoot because it was so fitting. I love their story and them!